Owner Services

Full Service Rentals

Own a property in the area?  Being Maine's premier four-season recreation destination, the Sunday River area has a strong demand for vacation rentals.  Seasonal or short-term rentals are a great way to produce additional income from your second property while not in use.

Take advantage of your second home now and turn it into an income property.  Let us take care of all the hassles involved with renting out your property while you relax in confidence and enjoy the income.  We will take care of everything from listing and marketing your property, to taking care of the reservations, check-ins, and cleanings.  
Mountain Real Estate Company Rentals is excited to offer four season rental services to homeowners in the Sunday River area. Whether looking to rent your home short-term, for the summer or winter season or place long-term renters, we can help. 

Rental Services Include:
  • Professional photography and marketing
  • Listing on rental website and 3rd party channels 
  • Guest screening
  • Rental damage protection 
  • Check-in and check-out services
  • Check homes before rentals to ensure readiness
  • Check homes after rentals 
  • Arrange cleaning services after rentals or owner use
Short Term Rentals

Renting out your second home with short term rentals is a great way to utilize the time your are not using your property and earn some extra income.  It can give you flexibility by allowing you to still use your home throughout the year when it is not rented.  You can choose to rent your home throughout an entire year, for a month, or a single week, it's up to you.

When deciding to rent your home, we would arrange to view your property and make sure it is equip for renters' convenience.  We recommend if you wish to rent your home, that your personal items are removed from property, and that it is fully furnished.  Once it is ready for rentals, we will arrange to take photos of the property to advertise on our website.

When your property is booked, we will handle the entire rental process including arranging cleaning upon check-out, and handling reservation billing.  We will also be on call the entire period of the rental to ensure all guests' needs are met. 

If you wish to rent multiple times, we will ensure your home is ready for the next guest.

Rates starting at 25%

Seasonal Rentals

Renting your home for a season is great for anyone who isn't planning on using their property for a long time.  Typically, a seasonal rental is 5 months with the most popular months being November thru April, however this is flexible to your needs.  A seasonal rental is a lot like renting your home on a long term lease.  The renters will enjoy the use of the home as they please, they may stay the entire season, or come and go as they please.  However, like a long term lease, they are responsible for all utilities, heating, and snow removal.  Renters are not allowed to sublet the house. 

When you decide to rent your home as a seasonal rental, we will arrange to visit the home and make any recommendations to make it ready for renting. Typically the home will be furnished, but personal belongings should be removed.  When the house is ready to be rented, we will arrange to take photos of the house and then start the listing.  

We we handle the screening, payments, and everything else involved in renting your home, as well as being local in the area and available for anything that comes up.
Rates Starting at 20%